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Hello, I’m Therese Patterson and I help savvy women become the best versions of themselves by teaching them the ins and outs of Eating for Energy with simple strategies to clean up their diet.

In the last five or so years, the diet industry has pushed consumers to choose a dietary theory camp. You have to be paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, or gluten-free—or whatever diet-of-the-year happens to be on trend. God forbid you stray from your camp and you’re shunned, or worse you feel like a lying cheat.

The reality is that nobody wants to live that way and nobody really does. Everyone’s sneaking around on their diets, so why force yourself to pick one way of eating when there are so many ways nutrient-rich foods available to prepare healthful meals?

No more labels. No more guilt. No more grocery store paralysis.


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Weight loss continues to be the #1 health concern. 14 days to decreased cravings, increased energy, and a better mood. Sound good?



Back to School, Back to YOU! ✏ ❥

Hi Friends, I have exciting news for you! My online nutrition program is happening just in time for the kiddos going back to school, and for YOU to make yourself – and your HEALTH – a priority again! Clean Up Your Diet™ Spring Jumpstart | Register by Friday, August 26th. We start August 29th. This is the only session of my online program I’m […]

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Organic Food + Updated Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 🍒 🍏 🍋


People often ask me if I always buy everything organic. I’ll be the first to tell you that health coaches definitely aren’t always perfect! While I try my best to do mostly organic, it’s just about impossible to only eat foods labeled organic. Plus, when it comes to produce, it’s not always necessary. What really […]

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Fish with Provencal Veggies

provencal veggies and fish

What are Provencal veggies? Quite simply, in terms of cooking it refers to cooking usually in olive oil, with garlic, tomatoes, onions, and herbs.  In this case I went with Mediterranean inspired veggies all the way: artichokes, fennel, and kalamata olives along with the usual suspects. I have served this to guests at a dinner party […]

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