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Hello! I’m Therese Patterson, I love people, and I want everyone to experience all the joys of a balanced, healthy and abundant life.

The healthier we are in mind and body, the better this earth is for everyone. The Naked Truth Nutritionist came from my interest to teach people simple ways to create vibrant and abundant health and live their best life possible. I am Nutrition Certified, I love to cook, but eating what I create is always the best part!


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Weight loss continues to be the #1 health concern. 14 days to decreased cravings, increased energy, and a better mood. Sound good?



Improve Your Gut Health for Better Body Health

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The human GI tract contains more than 500 species of bacteria that help break down food, strengthen immunity, and ward off pathogens. Under constant assault from fat, sugar, salt and processed food, gut bacteria can no longer do their jobs adequately. The maintenance of the intestinal wall breaks down, the gaps between intestinal cells open […]

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Vitamins for Your Vices?


We all know the basics of what we SHOULD do…but doing all the right stuff for our health isn’t always fun, am I right?! We all remember our moms saying “Turn down that music or you’ll go deaf!”  Mom may not have been correct about going deaf but with all the ear bud use these […]

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Increase Blood Flow-Add Spice to Your Life!

Well, if you like spice then turn it up! Spicy food is a source of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is essentially a taxi service that shuttles fats and cholesterol in the water-based solution of your blood stream and helps your body dissolve any blood clots that may form. The capsaicin in hot peppers helps tackle […]

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