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Reinventing the Fabulous Avocado Toast

avo toast

If you’re like me, avocado toast (gluten free toast), has become a breakfast staple.  And whatever I have on hand becomes my new “fav” way to prepare avocado toast. Although having avocado on toast with simple salt and pepper is always a hit too! Wholegrain bread Avocado in mashed form Black pepper Sea salt Why […]

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Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots: Game Day Goodies!

bacon wrapped tots

Are you tired of the same ol’ chips and dip on game day? This Superbowl why not wrap a piece of bacon around a yummy crisp tater tot and enjoy all the accolades you reap.  Yeah, this isn’t my normal “healthy appetizer” but I like to follow the 80/20 rule (80% healthy, 20% glutton). Feeling like […]

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Supplements: They Don’t Work If You Don’t Take Them!


You pay good money to get the proper nutrients and then wonder why you don’t feel better?  Sure, you don’t take the supplements EVERY day but you take them when you remember…(how many days has it been?). These vitamins must not work?! Does this scenario sound familiar?  We have all been there. Our intentions for getting […]

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