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Weight loss continues to be the #1 health concern. 14 days to decreased cravings, increased energy, and a better mood. Sound good?


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Having that Handful of Nuts May Extend Your Life

nuts for nuts

A study that analyzed data on nearly 120,000 people collected for a more than 30-year period and which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people who eat a handful of nuts every day live longer than those who don’t eat them. Senior author Charles S. Fuchs — director of the Gastrointestinal […]

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Know What Goes Into Your Body

Giant food corporations COUNT on you not caring what goes into your body. Deadly chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, GMO’s, sugar, trans fats and empty calories save them the work and expense of creating truly healthy, organic food – and they bank on you eating their junk anyway, to your own detriment.  Annual U.S. pesticide sales: 12.5 […]

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People diagnosed with a thyroid disorder may actually have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. According to studies, about 90% of thyroid deficient patients have Hashimoto’s and even after years of following their doctor’s advice, they still might not feel good.  Some key tips can help you if you suffer from Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease. Digestion […]

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